The Evolution Of Punk Rock

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It will be a surprise for those who lived in the 70's with only original punk to know how much of an evolution this music has made over the years. Its evolution was too fluent to be recognized the punk offspring of today.


There are however, many glimmers of the original punk music that still exists today in modern punk culture. One of the most obvious is the teenage angst that has always existed. Unlike many other types of music, almost all break offs of the original punk contain some form of rebellion.


The Reason For Punk Rock

This rebellion is almost always focused on those with authority that exercise it incorrectly. Whether it be parents, bosses, police, military and the most popular authority is the government itself. These fans may come off to seem rash and radical but they fight (or support) what they believe in. They shoot for a better society for everyone. Whether you believe in their ideas or not, the point that they want better change in our society deserves some respect. Besides, that's a lot more than you can say about many other genres of music out there.


How To Make Punk Rock

If you were a punk rock fan from the 70′s you would also notice some of the elemental pieces of modern break-off punk music is similar. The edgy guitar is the biggest part of this semblance. The most popular chord is the "Power Chord". It was the most popular in the beginning of the music and it remains that way today. These chords are basic enough for beginners to play and with little or no talent can make someone sound professional. By using these power chords all over the fret board you can make many different combination's and sounds that come off as very unique. Punkers did this all the time and continue to do today. Punk rock evolution has occurred with this to change up the stylings and chords to a degree but much of it is played the same way.


Punk Rock Evolution

These are some pieces that have remained the same over the many years. Besides these few characteristics, original punk music has broken into various new genres. Some included are: Pop Punk, Ska Punk, Oi, the "Emo" fads and much of our new age indie rock is inspired by past punk rock. You could say that punk rock was the father of these musical genres. Just as possibly glam rock and grunge rock was the parents of punk rock. Each genre of music has a parent music and almost always have a musical offspring they give birth to as well... All part of punk music evolution.


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The Evolution Of Punk Rock

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This article was published on 2010/09/13